Fad diets, fasting routines and intensive workout plans are taking over the internet with the hope to help you achieve the body of your dreams. But how long does it take to actually get there? And how safe is it to keep switching plans in case the results don’t match up? In the midst of all these uncertainties, VLCC brings you solutions that are not only safe for you but also offer quick results. VLCC’s weight loss therapy solutions are highly preferred by people all over the world. Read the article till the end to know why.

Weight loss that you can sustain 

The vision of VLCC is to ensure safety and healthy weight loss with a steady target of 1.9 to 3.6 kg. However, you may find yourself finding a range of options on the VLCC website, because one therapy that might work for you may not work for someone else. That’s why the weight loss treatments at VLCC are customized as per specific needs. 

Tailored made weight loss therapy

When you sign up for weight loss therapy with VLCC, you have to undergo a stringent screening and fitness assessment so that the experts can understand your system we’ll to create a custom weight loss treatment for you that involves a regular diet plan, workout recommendations and the treatment supported by experts and advanced technology.

No shortcuts, just science at it’s best

As mentioned before, VLCC aims at sustainable weight loss treatments. So much unlike other treatments, you won’t find yourself taking intense diet plans, fasting schedules or even consuming appetite suppressants. With VLCC you will get to experience nutritious meals, supporting physical activities and a lifestyle upgrade that in turn ensure that you achieve results that last. 

Transformative weight loss therapies by VLCC 

When you sign up for a weight loss treatment with VLCC, you don’t just have to go for one single treatment even though you may not be comfortable with the procedure. You get to select from a range of advanced treatments that would be better suited for your system and would drive exceptional results. Some of these treatments include Tummy Trim, Stim and Regen, and Jalomi. Let’s dive deep into what each of these treatments have to offer.

  • Tummy Trim Treatment: Just as the name suggests, this particular weight loss therapy is specifically meant for toning the tummy flab which is one of the most common concerns among people today. In this advanced treatment, your abdominal fat pockets are targeted to tone and tighten the skin in order to speed up the weight loss procedure. It starts with a G5 machine that offers light massage and aids in lymphatic drainage. This in turn helps remove toxins from the tummy and tones down a bulky stomach. 
  • Stim and Regen: This is a highly recommended therapy and mainly because of its 100% customisation benefit. Stim and regen as a weight loss therapy makes use of  Mesoestetic products from Spain that help target six concern areas. Different massage techniques and applicative formulas that contain beneficial active ingredients that are known for slimming, are used in this treatment. Additionally the massage techniques also improve blood circulation and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Jalomi Treatment: In this weight loss treatment the ‘Ja’ stands for Javanese strokes and ‘Lomi’ for Hawain rubbing and pressing strokes, together these strokes aid in lymphatic drainage and toxin removal for healthy fat loss. The application formula here is derived from Guarana Seeds extract and Carnitine to not only target fat cells but also improve the overall texture of the skin. Another formula known as Active Drain gel with the infusion of milk thistle works as a preventer for stem cells turning into fat cells.

How do these advanced therapies benefit you

The innovative treatments by VLCC are known to offer a range of benefits like spot reduction, fat loss, inch loss and skin improvement. With the treatments mentioned above, customers may experience even a drastic 11% change in their abdominal fat in just 10 sessions. Here are some of the top reasons why individuals choose VLCC treatments over the ones offered by any other weight loss facility.  

  • Science-backed treatments: VLCC’s weight loss therapy is absolutely safe as the programensure top notch machinery (FDA and EC approved), doctors, nutritionists and experts.
  • Transformation at its finest: VLCC’s treatments go beyond just healthy weight loss. They improve all skin health and some of the techniques even improve blood circulation, but also help reduce inflammation. 

Final Thoughts

Weight loss shouldn’t just be about shedding the unwanted flab though intense regimes that may harm your body in the long run. That’s  why VLCC believes in sustainable weight loss which involves a mix of safe therapy, nutrition and exercise. VLCC ensures that the weight loss journey is not only a seamless one, but also a happier one.

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