The goal of every commercial kitchen owner is to produce the best quality food at the most affordable prices. Not only do you want to make a consistent profit, but you also want to create a customer base that enjoys the food you’re selling. In this industry, maintaining food safety and reducing food wastage are essential goals to embrace. 

This is the reason why many Australian commercial kitchen owners invest in blast freezers from the very beginning. If you’re not sure if these robust cooling machines are really better than a regular walk-on or upright freezer, then you’ll benefit from reading about their advantages. 

How Does a Blast Freezer Differ from a Regular Freezer?

Blast freezers, also known as flash freezers or blast chillers are different from regular freezers in one keyway. Unlike regular freezers, their main function is to lower food and drink temperatures considerably quicker. With practical designs that feature multiple shelves, blast freezers can also accommodate a wide range of foods and drinks at the same time. 

Their working process is quite simple. An industrial fan blows chilled air directly over the items in the freezer, which instantly cools them. Unlike a standard freezer, there are no ice crystals that form on the food, which means there’s also no chance of freezer burn. Food doesn’t have to be defrosted to be used or served so you won’t have to deal with soggy veggies and spoiled desserts. 

Many Advantages Make Blast Freezers Popular Choices

Blast freezers are one of the most popular appliance choices when setting up your kitchen and with good reason. Our experts have compiled a list of the top advantages of adding a blast chiller to your startup appliances.

  1. Sustains Food Quality

The one thing you don’t want to do in a commercial kitchen is to leave food out for too long. This is because running ovens and cookers creates a warm environment which will speed up oxidation. This, in turn, will cause food particles to break down and food to deteriorate.

A blast freezer boasts a rapid cooling feature which instantly minimises the overall loss of evaporation. It also eliminates the formation of ice crystals in and around the food, which means your food and produce will retain its freshness and texture.

  1. Eliminates Food Waste

Any working in a commercial kitchen knows the challenge of keeping produce and food fresh for as long as possible. Throwing food and ingredients out can be a huge dent in your monthly profits. A huge advantage of blast freezers is that they keep your food at the right temperature, which in turn, reduces food having to be thrown out. 

Since blast freezers are available in a variety of sizes, you’ll be able to choose the right type of freezer for your kitchen’s needs. Buying a larger freezer will also make it easier for you to store a lot more food.

  1. Enables Bulk Buying

Stocking up on fresh produce, meat and other food types is a huge responsibility and usually happens every few days. In some instances, it may even be done daily in a bid to keep everything as fresh as possible. Buying food daily often means that you can’t buy produce in bulk.

By using a blast freezer, you’ll be able to take advantage of bulk specials which in turn means you can offer fruits and veggies on your menu even when they are out of season. Being able to reduce the amount of time you need to stock up on produce and meat also means that you can spend more time helping your staff create your mouthwatering dishes!

  1. Creates a More Streamlined Food Prep Process

Depending on what you’re serving, food prep can take up a lot of time. When you’re using a regular freezer doing food prep in advance can be challenging because placing it in the freezer too early causes may cause it to ice up or get too cold.

With a blast freezer, your staff can prepare food in advance and place it in the freezer at the required temperature. This will keep the food fresh, cool and ice-free. This makes it perfect for salads, ice-creams and fresh desserts. You can also use this feature to instantly cool wines and drinks quickly.

  1. Prevents Potential Bacterial Growth

The last thing anyone wants in their commercial kitchen is bacteria. When it starts growing on produce it can quickly spread to other foods in the kitchen. This can lead to foodborne illnesses. Furthermore, food in a regular freezer can deteriorate much quicker if the fridge door is constantly being opened and closed.

Fortunately, a blast chiller can instantly lower the temperature of food to keep it below the required 5° to prevent bacteria from forming. This is a wonderful feature for foods such as fish, meat and dairy that can spoil quite quickly.

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Final Thoughts

It’s clear that blast freezers are a must-have in every commercial kitchen setting. Whether you’re running a large restaurant kitchen or a small coffee shop, your kitchen staff and customers will appreciate the benefits of having fresh food stored at the perfect temperature in the healthiest way possible. The only real question should be, which model are you going to invest in? 

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