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It’s no secret that agricultural equipment is very costly to own and maintain. With this in mind, farmers and agricultural business owners look for the most effective ways to safeguard and store their farm machinery between uses. 

Adding one or even a few machinery sheds to your farm may be the storage solution you’ve been looking for. Not only will your machinery be safe, but there are several other uses you can get out of one unique structure. 

Streamline Your Farm Processes with the Right Machinery Shed

Security and shelter are key factors to consider when you’re shortlisting options for safeguarding your farm machinery. Whether you’re looking to house a tractor or several other pieces of equipment, there are eight top reasons why you should consider a quality machinery shed. Here they are.

  1. Spacious Enough for Vehicles

A huge attraction to the machinery shed concept is the spaciousness on offer. Since these sheds are highly customisable, you can build them as big or as small as you require. You can therefore build your shed small enough to fit only your tractor or big enough to serve as parking for other vehicles.

This is a wonderful feature to keep in mind if you’re planning to expand your farming operation down the road. You can also consider the drive-through feature that enables you to drive your vehicles in from one end and out through the other. Depending on your layout, this can significantly streamline your work process, especially when you can simply drive into an open bay rather than go all the way around other buildings to park.

  1. Secure and Lockable

Most machinery sheds don’t have doors because many farmers prefer the convenience of being able to get in and out without too much fuss. However, if you’d prefer, you can add a door (or two) to your shed. This will make your shed more secure and will come in handy if you are storing smaller pieces of agricultural equipment in the shed. 

Adding a lockable door will also give you peace of mind that your equipment is safe and may also be a requirement for any insurance associated with storing your equipment.

  1. Durable Beams

Australian sheds are generally constructed using RHS and universal beams to create a structurally sound framework. Durable beams will ensure that your structure is sturdy and long-lasting.

It’s also a good idea to combine your RHS beams with a skillion roof. This refers to a roof with a steeper design slope whose main function is to make it easier for rainwater and debris to run off down the sides. This will reduce the need for drainage systems and can also facilitate a rainwater harvesting system.

  1. Weather-Resistant Steel

The Australian climate can be very challenging for farmers. While summers may bring the perfect temperatures for high yields of crops, they can also bring severe thunderstorms, tropical storms, and even cyclones. In addition to that, there’s also the risk of bushfires in some areas.

Constructing your shed with durable RHS steel will ensure that the machinery inside will be safe no matter what the weather brings. A category 2 wind rating is a huge plus and guarantees that your shed can withstand the Australian climate.

  1. Customisable to Fit Any Space Needs

Since sheds are highly customisable, you can build a shed in whatever space you have. That means you can build a huge rectangular shed in an empty part of your property, or a small one-bay parking shed next to your current garage.

  1. Flexible Flooring Options

Another customisable feature that makes a shed a brilliant option is the flexibility in choosing a flooring option. You can opt to use the natural floor you’re building the shed on, or you can install concrete or a combination of both. The option you choose will depend on the existing ground as well as the type of machinery you want to store.

  1. Shelving Options

Depending on the types of machinery you want to store, you can also add shelving to a part of the shed. This will make it easier to store smaller tools and also to use a section of the shed as a makeshift workshop.

  1. High Australian-Based Standards

The number one reason why you should consider a quality shed to safeguard your machinery is the materials and workmanship used to construct local sheds. In addition to using high-quality, galvanised RHS steel, all materials and installation processes are made according to stringent Australian industry standards. You can therefore be assured that your shed is made of the best possible materials for the job. 

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages to choosing quality, Australian-made machinery sheds for your farming equipment. Whether you want to house a single tractor and a few loose tools, or a fleet of machinery, a shed made of RHS steel is the best option to consider. With the many customisable options, you’ll be able to create the shed to suit the exact needs of your farm or agricultural business!