Summoners War: Sky Arena is the place where monsters collide and strategies play out, and it is not a surprise if one gets lost in the charm of the 5-star creatures that look flashy. Of course, smart players are aware of the fact that the most appealing assets in their arsenals can be found among the 3-star monsters instead. The figure of the valor, when constructed and used correctly, can create a gap in battle and save the day.

In this article, we shall explore the best-worthy 3-star creatures to be keeping in your team and why you ought to set them aside for your squad. But before that, if you want to enhance your experience, you can always buy accounts at U7BUY by using this link

Ramagos: The Comeback Kid

Ramagos doesn’t come across as an obvious winner but don’t be misled about the evil behind his bear-like appearance. This 3-star water monster has a power called Comeback that lets it restore its HP by the HP that was lost. Building a Ramagos with high HP and defense attributes helps make him an additional tank, which withstands damage and reverses the tables on opposite team players.

Konamiya: The Healer’s Delight

Konamiya is the water element eagle and she will make your team immune to any critical hit on all the comrades. Her “Resurge” ability (Dual: Grants a turn to a random teammate) and her “Aqua Splash” skill (Single: Heals a friendly hero +3) give center stage to both the offensive and protective capabilities of the hero. As a universal player, it is no surprise that Konamiya can accomplish anything from defensive tactics to offensive maneuvers.

Sieq: The Speedy Attacker

“Sieq” is the fire-type hellhound, who is a quick and mighty attacker who’s capable of efficiently killing enemies. ” Crush”, his special ability can deal high damage based on the enemy’s remaining health, thus is ideal for taking down enemies with large amounts of health. Along with an enormously fast leader skill or agile team he can wreck foes to such the extent that most of them will run in the opposite direction even before the round is complete.

Raoq: The Relentless Striker

Raoq, the fire-type martial cat who deals high damages, will not stand a chance against falling into enemies and quickly dispatch a group instead. His “Severely Assault” which will give him the possibility of another turn in which he can use the power to cycle his attacks and dash out all his enemies. Raoq with extraordinary attack and critical rate built in, becomes a “lethal weapon” that may be capable of serious damage only in his hands. Such a power can single-handedly change the course of battle.

Bella: The Debuff Queen

Bella, the light-type inugami, is a multi-purpose monster capable of inflicting detrimental effects on your team. Against enemies, the character has access to the “Seize” ability, which inflicts a defensive crowd control state; the “Scratch” skill deals point damage with a chance to inflict negative effects on the enemy. In a team that has many more damage dealers than others, a great help to quickly get rid of the enemy can come from Bella’s debuff. 


In the ever-evolving world of Summoners War Sky Arena, it is necessary to remember the value of 3-star monsters. They do not possess excessive abilities as compared to their 5-star peers; however, they serve as well-rounded players who act as the building blocks and will guide you to victory. You may end up having a team that is going to be your strongest one provided you got the best 3-star monsters and arranged them in the right way. For more Summoners War guides, you can check out our website U7BUY.

To sum it up, it is important to remember that the seemingly insignificant creatures could be the reason determining your achievements in the Summoners War world.