In the growing technical world, roaming around is one of the most favorite things to do, right? But what if we are misguided or lost from the actual destination. Well, in such cases we all use one or other navigation tools. Similarly, there is an online tool that helps the user guide through difficulties in order to reach their destination and that site or application is best known as Micronavdisha. Here, in this article we are going to know more about the navigation tool, its features, access procedure and much more related information. 

Overview of Micronavdisha

The Micronavdisha has been derived from two words, Micro means Small and NavDisha means Navigation and Guiding Direction. It establishes the foundation for a global progressive navigational advancement. The navigation platform provides: 

  • Essential Navigation Products: It ensures that the vessel consists of the newest equipment and gears as well as the capabilities of an advanced software.
  • Seamless Service Integration: The service is not just limited, one can get real time weather reports, forecasts for a few days and more important information. 

The Characteristics of Micronavdisha

Now, before using any online platform the users need to know and understand the various features the site has to offer. In order to know the characteristics of the Micronavdisha, let’s see the mentioned points: 

  • Unparalleled Accuracy: The feedback from the roads and Transport sector helps the navigation device. It also helps and safeguards the users by promoting safe driving, faster and to the destination at the right time.  
  • User friendly Interface: It ensures that the online platform and its software is quite user friendly. The user does not need to be technically sound in order to access and use the site. Even the newcomer camp can also handle the software and its working issues completely. 
  • Offline Navigation: Well, the users are always recommended to have a map in navigation technology in order to avoid getting misguided or lost even in case of no signal. Using the application or navigation site the users can work offline and also provide functionality for increased reliability. 
  • Real Time Data Updates: Once the users starts to use the navigation application, they frequently gets the updated weather reports, sea charts and other important information with a news alert feed on the navigation system. 
  • Seamless Data Integration:  When the users logged in into the navigation system it filters out data from distinct sources. Well, it also helps to consolidate the information needed to make the best decisions based on context. 

Login Portal 

The micronavdisha login portal is a doorway to get the navigation products and services accessibility. The user first needs to get themselves registered and have their user ID and password beforehand in order to have a successful login. Well, the steps one can follow to have the login on the site is as follows:

  • From an Internet connected device, open any of the preferred browser
  • Search for Micronavdisha and from the SERPs navigate to the official navigation page
  • Once the page appears the user will be redirected to the official Login page of the Micronavdisha 
  • Fill in the login credentials such as: Login Id and Password
  • Click on Login button given below the login page, soon the user will be directed to Micronavdisha website without any worry

Reset the password

In the busy schedule remembering a few letters and numbers combined together to create a password is quite hectic. So, in case of forgetting password the user can follow the steps given below to recover their Id and password without much issue: 

  • From an Internet connected device visit the official Micronavdisha login page
  • Below the login page one can easily find the Forgot Password button highlighted in Blue color
  • Soon the password reset page will be visible on the screen 
  • Once needs to enter the Employee Code, click on proceed and follow the further steps as shown on the screen 
  • Soon, the password will be changed and the user can again successfully access the site without much worry.

Download the application

Micronavdisha provides a custom application for mobile devices called Navdisha. In order to download the application one may follow the steps given below:  

  • Visit the device browser or App store on the preferred device
  • Search for and locate to the original Navdisha application
  • Click on Install and download the application on your device 
  • Once the app is successfully downloaded on the device, the user can now login into their Id using the Username Id and Password. 
  • As soon as the user gets logged in, they can now experience the benefits the navigation platform has to offer. 

Note: Moreover, according to the users review the application is a Scam app. It has so many bugs that have to be settled down and cleared. Well, the users have reported it to be a scam and the worst app.  

Disclaimer: The Information related to Micronavdisha is based on our own research and it is for informational purposes only. Moreover, one may go through the official site before relying on the shared information. However, move forward with the site at your own risk. 


In conclusion, Micronavdisha is a reliable source when it comes to navigation software. It has been designed specially for the travel enthusiasts. Moreover, the features, characteristics alongside the login procedure, password reset process and application download process, all the information has been discussed above in the article that too in detail. So, one may go through the article before accessing the application or the site.