In the realm of mobile technology, these tablets have proven to be a valuable asset to the users. You’re not just talking about entertainment or productivity, but the gadgets offer an endless field of experience where you only need a finger to move forward. But in fact, the availability of a lot of Android tablets makes it a difficult problem to find the perfect table a. The city of Dubai, a favorite of all modern gadgets, is not strange to this crisis. Well, this article is going to help you learn the overlooked facts about tablets that might assist you in acquiring the best android tablet that suits your needs.  And so, here is a compilation of ten common mistakes to avoid in buying a tablet. 

1.  Ignoring Your Needs

Mistake: Lack of tablet research by checking reviews, considering the type of apps needed, and the detailed usage plan will affect your final choice. 

Solution: Before making that plunge into the pool of Android tablets; it is essential to be clear about your needs and requirements. Maybe you need an ultra portable for multimedia like internet surfing, streaming movies or writing emails, etc. 

2. Skimping on Screen Quality

Mistake: Consisting  on resolution of display to save some dirhams. 

Solution: The screen does the job of any tablet as an interface. Opt for the best quality display which would be in alignment with your resolution requirement. Look for tablets which have a broad color spectrum, wide viewing angles as well as suitable screen sizes that will be utilized mostly for your needs. 

3. Overlooking Battery Life

Mistake: This will mean that you might have to use an external flame lighter as a backup.  

Solution: Providing long battery life for the tablet is an important part of building a suitable mobile device, and tablets are not an exception in this respect.With a long enough battery life there will be no disturbance of the flow because of having to connect the device to an external power supply or to recharge the device. Moreover, considering purchasing a tablet with fast charging properties might be worth it when you need a quick charge boost. 

4.  Disregarding Performance

Mistake: Deficiency in the estimation of processing and RAM importance. 

Solution: For a simple task too, bad performance can be very discouraging on the tablet that is underpowered. Make sure that the tablet that you buy has a good processor with enough RAM to take on your work effectively. The tablets, depending on their capacity, can provide you with a seamless and charming experience whether you are multitasking, playing enchanting games or running power intensive applications. 

5.  Overlooking Storage Capacity

Mistake: Overlooking storage and growth as you scale features might not be the best setup. 

Solution: The improvement in sophistication in media apps and the demand for highest quality ones entails storage capacity to be an essential element. Decide on how much storage your apps will require, and choose a tablet that has ample built-in storage or the ability to increase storage by adding memory cards.  

6.  Neglecting Software Updates

Mistake: Except for increasing the risk of cyber vulnerability through not putting into place frequent software updates and systems security patches. 

Solution: Android tablets, being similar to other systems, have to be updated to spare the slow-down in operation, do not delete important information of the user and to have new features provided by the manufacturer. Research the manufacturer’s history about being punctual in all of its software endeavors afterwards purchase one that was produced by a brand that is highly regarded for its faithfulness to updating devices. 

7. Overlooking Connectivity Options

Mistake: Without proper focus on connectivity and deliberately avoiding how you will be using this gadget you can easily let yourself get trapped in this vicious cycle.

Solution: In the world that is interconnected now, fast internet permission is a crucial issue. Check in the first place the requirements you have and, thus, select the tablet with the proper connectivity features which may be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data options in your case. 

8.  Sacrificing Build Quality

Mistake: Lack of consumer confidence in the product is caused by the compromise on construction quality and the durability of the product for a lower price margin. 

Solution: But the question of saving some dirhams faced with the possibility of long-term trouble after the purchase can make one regret immediately. The first recommendation is to pay for a tough-built tablet which boasts of resilient and top-grade materials. Another tablet’s advantage that it can withstand everyday use but also increase the user’s interaction is durability. 

9.  Ignoring Accessory Ecosystem

Mistake: Forgetting to look not only at the availability of accessories but also the relevant components as well.

Solution: Accessories are, in most cases, best suited for Android tablets due to their ability to extend the usability and versatility of the latter. Before you buy this device, please make sure that there are neat accessories like, keyboard, stylus pens, cases, and stands ecosystem available around. 

10. Falling for Marketing Gimmicks

Mistake: The oblivion towards real-world experience of the product, the advertisers start figuring out new ways to lure their customers.

Solution: The marketing strategists always look forward to standing out of the crowd with unique and eye-catching plans In the highly competitive consumer electronics market. Nevertheless, the hype factor should not be taken as the last word, but rather, performance, ratings from people who use devices, and trusted sources should be thought about.  


To some extent, the world of Android tablets in Dubai might be a difficult place, but certainly you can increase your chances to find the ideal interest by avoiding these most mistakes. However, choosing the right fit could reduce both the time taken to shop as well as the cost you’d spend, resulting in a wonderful and fun experience. Soak up the power of research, define your wants and needs unambiguously, and do not be afraid to ask for advice from established sources.