If you are also among the one who thinks, network configuration is a tedious task. Then we have come to your rescue with the information related to a platform that can provide you ease. In our today’s blog, we are going to discuss, Pnpcoda, a tool that provide you a breath. To know the complete details about the same, keep reading the provided information till the very end. 

Understanding PNPCODA

The PNPCODA was created by Cisco Systems Inc back in 2019. Here, PNP represents Plug and Play tool’s ability to design network gadgets with user mediation. It ranks among the network automation tool that has been designed to ease down the process of configuration. Well, the main highlight of the platform is that it simplifies the network arragnment and also reduces the time and effort required to arrange the particular network.

Working of Pnpcoda

The Pnpcoda platform operates by utilizing the Cisco Network Plug and Play (PNP) protocol, enabling automatic configuration of network devices. The PNP protocol is a standard protocol that enables network devices to discover and allocate network resources automatically without requiring any user input. To utilize this server, a PNP server must be set up on the network. After the server is installed by the user, they can easily connect to the network, and most importantly, PNP will automatically detect and set them up.

Accessing PNPCoda

If you wish to access this platform seamlessly then you need to initiate the account process. For the same follow these mentioned steps. 

  • Step 1: The foremost thing that you need to do is open a Browser of your preference. 
  • Step 2: Upon opening the Browser use the address bar to look for the official website. 
  • Step 3: From the presented results tap on the link to the site. 
  • Step 4: On the homepage, carry on the process of registration and provide the required details.
  • Step 5: Enter your username, Email address, and Mobile number. 
  • Step 6: A verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number or email address. 
  • Step 7: Finally, after the verification, your account will be created successfully. 

    Getting Started With PNPCoda

    Once you have created your account successfully on the official website. GO through the listed steps to get started with its services. 

    • Step 1: Utilize your desired Browser, look for the official website. 
    • Step 2: As you enter on the main dashboard of the official site, surf through it. 
    • Step 3: On the provided Login button from the ‘Menu Bar’ fill in the details. 
    • Step 4: Next on the input box enter your Username, or Email address on the input box. 
    • Step 5: You can seamlessly log in to your account to avail of services. 

      Salient Characteristics

      The tool has a long list of unique characteristics. With the help of the provided information, you will be able to understand about the same. 

      • Locates Devices: One of the best parts about this tool is that it can identify networks and devices on its own. Once the device is located it also connects with it automatically, even if it’s not configured by the IP address. 
      • Centralized Management: With the help of the centralized management that is provided to the users of the tool. You get the authority to manage and monitor the network configuration process from a single location. 
      • Zero-touch Provision: Zero-touch provision means it can automatically provision and configure network devices. That means one does not require any kind of user intervention. 
      • Automated Configuration: The tool can automate all kinds of configuration along with various types of network devices. The list includes switches, routers, access points, and all kinds of firewalls. 
      • Security: The tool is completely secure and can encrypt sensitive information during the configuration process. 

      Bright Side of PNP 

      Refer to the provided information in order to learn about all the bright sides of the tool. This information will help you in maximizing your output from the tool. 

      • Time and Cost Saving: The Pnpcoda can help network administrators save a lot of time and effort by automating the configuration process.
      • Provides Scalability: Scalability is a key feature of the Pnpcoda as it can expand to accommodate extensive networks, making it perfect for enterprise-level networks.
      • Ease of accessibility: It is user-friendly and does not necessitate any specialized expertise or instruction.

      Limitations of PNP 

      There are a few limitations to using this tool, but knowing about them can support you in using this site efficiently. 

      • Network Congestion: Complex networks with multiple VLANs or subnets may not be a good fit for the Pnpcoda due to network complexity.
      • Few Device Support: It exclusively works with Cisco network devices, so it cannot be used with devices from other manufacturers.

      Disclaimer: “All the details mentioned in this blog are meant only for informational purposes. If you wish to gather some in-depth and latest information, do visit the official website.


      Overall Pnpcoda can be your saviour in the realm of tough and complex configuration. With the help of the provided information, you will be able to get the complete information related to this tool. Therefore, thoroughly reading the provided information can maximize your output.