Unlike traditional news where we encountered stories of people falling in love across borders, recently we heard the same with a modern twist. This was not just a popular story of cross-border love between India and Pakistan, instead, it is connected with digitization. You must have understood that we are talking about the recent sensations of Seema Haider and Sachin. This blog is going to describe you details around Seema, and you will also get a glimpse of their case. 

Who is Seema Haider?

Seema Haider has gained a lot of popularity recently, as she made headlines after illegally crossing the border of India and Pakistan. She was detained on July 4 for illegally crossing the border and entering Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Seema entered India via Nepal with her four children, all younger than seven years old, to stay with her lover, Sachin. 

Biography of Seema

Real Name/ Full NameSeema Ghulam HaiderSeema JakharniSeema Rind
Date of Birth1 January, 20021995
BirthplaceKot Diji District, Sindh Province, Pakistan
HometownKot Diji District, Sindh Province, Pakistan
Current ResidenceIndia
Marital StatusMarried 

Physical Appearance of Seema

As her birth is a matter of confusion, she might be of age somewhere between, 27-20 Years old. At this age, she is a mesmerizing and calm beauty, with a height of 170 centimeters, 1.70 metes, and 5 feet, 7 inches.  She has black eyes and hair and weighs around 55 kg, when calculated in pounds, it’s 121 lbs. 

Education of Seema

Sources suggest that she has never been to school and has not attended any classes. However, she has studied under a charitable educational program run by various NGOs, back in her hometown. 

Early Life of Seema

Prior to marrying Sachin, Seema was the wife of Ghulam Haider, who is a worker in Saudi Arabia. She claims that while she was married to Ghulam, she had to suffer physical abuse. After she came to India, her husband posted a video seeking appeal to Narendra Modi for help. In the videos he said his wife had been misled into coming to India, using the game PUBG, therefore, he wants him to send her back to Pakistan. 

Seema Haider Case

Seema Haider’s Case is that she fell in love with Sachin Meena, who resides in Greater Noida, India. The couple connected through the gaming platform PUBG. After they found their interest and love in each other, Seema moved to India ‘Illegally’ by crossing borders. For her love, she stopped consuming non-veg, and also accepted Hinduism. 

It was on 4th July 2023 that they came in front of the media and accepted their love for each other publicly. Apart from this even pleaded with the authorities to legalize their union as they really love each other, and want to live together. 

Seema’s Family

Seema belongs to a middle-class family of six, which includes her mother, father, and three siblings. Her father is Ghulam Raza Rind, and her brother Asif works in the Pakistan Army. She also has two sisters, whose details are not known to us. 

Husband & Children

Before coming to India, Seema was married to Ghulam Haider, and now her husband is Sachin Meena. She has four children, all from Ghulam Haider, among which she has one son and three daughters. All her children are renamed after coming to India, as; Farhan Ali as Raj, aged 8 Years, Farwa as Priyanka, aged 6 Years old, Fariha Batool as Munni, aged 4 Years, Farha Batool as Pari, aged 2.5 Years.

Seema’s Net Worth

As per sources, there is no reliable information about the estimated net worth of Seema, as she is yet to be at the forefront of media for the same. 

Seema’s Social Media

Seema is highly active on her Instagram account, where she often posts various reels. Most of the time she posts reels and videos along with her husband Sachin Meena. The couple has huge follower on their account, and they love to see their posts.


Through this blog, we have tried to provide you with comprehensive detail, which includes information regarding her age, family, and more. We have also covered her love life and provided the blooming story of her love life.