In this day and age of technological technology, connecting with others is critical. Because connecting with people opens up a variety of business prospects. It also contributes to the growth of enterprises. So, in order to interact with one another, we need be aware of the many methods and platforms that are available. There is a portal called Soujiyi that can assist us trade globally. This post will offer you with all of the necessary information regarding this platform. Let’s read the article to learn more about this platform in depth. Know the registration and login processes, as well as the site’s items and price structure.

Know About Soujiyi

Soujiyi is an online platform that you may access using your computer browser, and it has been developed by Chongqing Huifa Network Technology Co. Ltd. This platform belongs to them, and they operate out of Hengda Zhongyu Plaza in Chongqing’s Yubei District. This platform is a fantastic option if you want to trade internationally. Foreign trade, including cross-border e-commerce, is available to you here. To make the most out of their services, you may also utilize some of the data tools that this platform offers.  This platform is widely used worldwide and has a large client base. This platform’s company is committed to offering its clients efficient services.

Features and Functions of Soujiyi

As you have a clear idea that features are somewhat the most important part in the success of the website. The website offers numerous features, with a few feature provided below:

  • CRM Integration: It easily connects to popular CRM programs. It lets users add new leads to their workflows.
  • Customized Search Parameters: the users may adjust their search to focus on sectors, demographics, or areas. This let’s them reach their intended audience.
  • Real-time Data Analysis: It uses real time data analysis. It provides exact and current findings. This guarantees that consumers have the most pertinent information.
  • Advanced Filtering Options: To allow more focused targeting, users can narrow their search results. They do this by selecting criteria like job title, company size, or involvement level.
  • Email Address Extraction: It makes it simple to gather big lists of leads for email marketing. It allows customers to extract email addresses in bulk.
  • AI Powered Natural Language: It has strong natural language skills. They ensure that user queries are correctly processed and interpreted. This leads to more relevant search results. They do this by utilizing cutting edge AI technology.

Process to Register at Soujiyi

To avail yourself of Soujiyi’s services and goods, you must register on the site. Thus, the following are the procedures to register on the website: 

  • First, you must launch your favorite browser on the device of your choice. 
  • Next, check for the Soujiyi using the browser’s search box. 
  • Click on the official website link from the screen results. 
  • You can see the sign up button on the official website. 
  • Once you click on the “sign up” button then the  registration page will open.
  • Then you fill you few personal details like to enter your login, password, country code, and mobile number.
  • Once you have completed filling all the details then finally click the register button, an account will be created for you. 

Process to login Soujiyi

After you finish making your account, you must log in to the portal. This will improve your access. The instructions for logging into Soujiyi are below. You may use them to log in.

  • Open the browser of your choice on the device of your choice. 
  • The results are now showing up on your SERP. Selecting the result will direct you to the official website of the product. 
  • The opportunity to log in will appear when you access the website’s dashboard.
  • You must enter some details in the right columns. You do this on the login screen after tapping the login button.
  • Following that, you must enter your password and username for your login. Your email address and cellphone number can also be used as username substitutes. 
  • Finally, complete the login procedure by confirming your cellphone number. 

Various products offered by Soujiyi

Soujiyi offers a variety of products that you may utilize to improve and expand your business. Below is a list of the items that Soujiyi offers: 

  • Sales CRM: The platform offers interactive sales CRM software. It helps firms manage their clients and has many useful features. Many jobs are finished by it, including screening out duplicate customers, assigning customers, managing their status, and labeling customers. 
  • Email Finder: This platform has another tool. It helps companies reach more people. Businesses can look up the details of foreign buyers with its help. They might also gather their email addresses. This lets them talk to their audience. 
  • Email campaigns: They make it easier for firms to send emails to the right people. For users, it streamlines the laborious email marketing process. 
  • Data Subscription: This offering helps consumers access more useful data. The data is educational and is gathered by artificial intelligence. It guarantees 95% correct content and gives consumers access to a useful data set. 

Pricing Structure of Soujiyi

Now that you have learned more about the platform, you may be open to using its services and goods. Therefore, you must be aware of Soujiyi’s price policy in order to obtain them. We have provided the personal and enterprise price data here. 

Personal PricingEnterprises Pricing
Free Standard Version – 3680 RMB/Year
Standard Version – 268 RMB/MonthPremium Version – 6980 RMB/Year
Single Version – 1998 RMB/YearUltimate Version – 9980 RMB/Year


We have discussed Soujiyi in this piece. This is a great platform that provides its users with a variety of services and goods. They interact with their audience. They give them accurate and trustworthy data. This may help users to grow their businesses. It makes it easier to connect with a simpler method. The method finds the audience’s data. We hope this information about the site is useful to you, as we have done our best to gather it. To obtain the greatest and most dependable services, go to the official website.


The content in the above-mentioned blog is purely for informative and educational purposes. The material is based on our real research. But, we recommend that you check the official website. Use your trusted platforms for more accuracy. Also, if you discover any type of data noncompliance, visiting the official website will be valuable to you.