In the digital world, everything is offered online. Even every other Educational institution has their own digital platform. This platform tracks down student reports and is also considered as a management solution.  Sharda University has also launched its own training platform. Here, in this article we take a dive into the Su.icloudems platform. It mainly covers the access procedure, its characteristics and much more. 

Overview of SU.icloudems

SU.icloudems works just like other online cloud services. This is a positive change. Teachers can now track their student’s progress. They can use tools to get better grades. Every Sharda University student receives their own unique login and password for cloud storage immediately after registration. Students can store many study materials on this platform. This eliminates the need to ever lose them. Students can also increase their iCloud storage at any time. 

Get Started with SU.icloudems

To have access to the Sharda University cloud storage, one firstly needs to register themselves. According to the information we have, the registration process is done offline. Once the user is successfully registered they can have access to Su.icloudems. The institution provides a unique login Id which is used for further entry process. 

The Login process of SU.icloudems

The unique login Id and credential is provided by the administration itself. The process for login is quite simple and easy to follow. But due to privacy concern the students or the user are urged to logout after completing the assessment. Furthermore, for logging in all that user needs to do it.

Login process of SU.icloudems
  • From an Internet connected device, open the Browser. 
  • In the search bar section, enter the website SU.icloudems.
  • Navigate to the official website from various results options visible on the screen. 
  • Once the dashboard of the official University page is visible, locate the login handle 
  • Fill in the login credential such as Login Id and password. 
  • To safeguard your information, use the OTP that was received on the register email id. 
  • Hence, the user can now avail its benefits.  

Reset the Password of SU.icloudems

In today’s busy schedule forgetting passwords is the most common thing. So, in case the user forgets the login password for the educational platform, they can recover it quite easily. To do so one needs to follow these steps mentioned below: 

  • Visit the official SU.icloudems login page 
  • There one can easily find the Forgot Password option visible on the screen 
  • Once click on the option, the user will be navigated to the password reset page 
  • Fill in the Login or user Id and Captcha visible on the screen 
  • Then select the College or branch from the given option. Then press on the “Submit” button  
  • Soon, the user will receive a Password recovery mail. 
  • Hence, now the user can recover the password. Then they can login into the page successfully. 

Functionality of SU.icloudems

The cloud service of Sharda University was created to meet the students academic needs. The educational institution uses iCloud for the students and teachers because it has many benefits to offer. Some of the functionality and benefits one can avail are as follow: 

  • Secure Cloud Storage: This SU.icloudems provides reliable and fast cloud storage. Students can use this cloud storage to store digital files. The students and teachers can save papers, projects, homework and assignments. However, it will help researchers and teachers. Faculty can easily collect student projects and other learning-related materials using the learning platform.
  • Learning materials: The student can access learning materials without being in the library. They can do this with the help of study materials. Teachers can also use it in test questions and answer sheets. These are for future examinations and assessments of students.
  • Effective Communication: The most important feature of a website is its communication system. This makes it easy for students and tutors to get in touch. It also offers alternative ways to get in touch.
  • State-of-the-art resources: Teachers and students can access a variety of cutting-edge resources in iCloud. Students benefit from collaborating with professors on projects and assignments. It helps faculty and students in making projects. These projects are continuously monitored. It also has features like chat, audio and video conferencing and more.
  • Personal Cloud Storage: Faculty and students can store personal cloud data from Sharda University. They can exchange their notes, projects and assignments with their professors. Thanks to this tool, they can do it without talking to anyone else. In addition, it allows faculty to provide anonymous comments. They comment on students’ projects, assignments and grades.
  • Easy to save: With this platform, teachers and students can quickly save their notes, projects and assignments. In addition, it reduces the possibility of losing assignments and notes safely. The platform protects the data on the cloud server. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing the storage space. Study guides, academic documents and other important information are also protected

Disclaimer: “All the Information provided about the su.icloudems is well researched. It is provided for informational purposes only. In case of non compliance of the information visit the official page of the University.” 


Many schools are giving staff and students access to the SU.icloudems. It provides many tools and services for them to learn. This tool helps students. This allows them to complete their projects and tasks faster and better.  Sharda iCloud stores student projects and assignments for a long time. This helps teachers to do their tasks more easily.