In today’s era, when everyone’s life is fast and hectic, people long for some calmness and comfort in their bedrooms, but with this scorching heat and prickly humidity, it seems to be an unattainable goal.

To combat this challenging situation, people put money into buying expensive air conditioners, but then they struggle with the hefty monthly bills.

So, what is the best solution that would render a cool and comfy room during summers without those electricity bills? The answer to this is a good quality and feature-loaded air cooler. Modern air coolers are next level in terms of cooling performance, power consumption, and pricing.

Choosing a Personal Air Cooler

Every person should make the choice of a personal air cooler for the bedroom after analyzing their requirements and room size to evade any disappointment later on.

We understand that every person has a different lifestyle, and some individuals desire a cooling appliance that can be used to cool any room at their convenience. This is where the role of a portable air cooler comes into light.

A top-quality, sturdy portable air cooler for a room has all the features that make usage easy and give the user complete control.

Earlier, people thought that portable coolers were only possible in small sizes, but brands have gone a step ahead, and now you can easily spot a big-size cooler with castor wheels that can bear the weight and ensure effective cooling day in and day out.

Knowing Which Air Cooler is the Best for Your Bedroom and Living Space

The selection of an air cooler depends on several aspects, the most crucial of which is the size of the rooms. If you buy the wrong cooler size, you may end up with undercooled rooms. Every house has a different structure and room size.

Hence, to get the best cooling results, you need to put in some extra effort and thoroughly compare each of the shortlisted models according to the budget.

Apart from room size and air throw range, some other crucial features are energy-saving technology like BDLC, air filtration, a functional remote for complete access, and more.

Therefore, if your bedroom size is standard, go for air coolers with medium air throw range, while if your bedroom is large, choose the bigger coolers that have high circulation capacity. Hence, the buying process can become simple and quick if you know what features to look for and wisely compare the details.

Different brands offer many models, and to help you further, we have discussed two best-in-class air coolers for bedrooms that fit the requirements well and are affordable.

Different Models of Symphony Air Coolers

Symphony Air Cooler Model 1 – Diet 3D 55B

For homes with standard bedroom sizes, this Cooler is the best bet since it can cool a room of size 170 sq. ft. The unique i-pure technology is the brand’s endeavor to render clean air to the users. An efficient multistage filter is installed, which constantly purifies the air before it is thrown into the room.

Apart from this, below are some more features that make it an exciting pick for summer:

  • Despite the powerful fan, the Cooler only consumes 145 watts of power, so you will not have to struggle with the bills.
  • There is a fully functional magnetic remote that allows the user to easily control all features without repeatedly reaching the Cooler for settings.
  • A classy automatic popup screen makes the Cooler look stylish when placed in the bedrooms.
  • One USP of this air cooler is the Bluetooth pairing feature, which allows the user to connect the product to their phone and easily change settings.
  • Best-quality castor wheels make movement seamless.

Symphony Air Cooler Model 2 – Touch 80

Another portable cooler that is designed for bigger bedrooms or for individuals who wish to use one cooling appliance in different rooms as per need. There is a double blower and powerful fan that can cool rooms of sizes around 350 sq. ft. which definitely is impressive.

This model is also equipped with i-pure technology and helps kids and old members stay away from allergens. Let us explore some more features of this model:

  • With the double blower also, the energy consumption of this model is 185 watts.
  • There are closable louvers to manage cooling
  • This model is compatible with an inverter, which ensures non-stop cooling even during power cuts.
  • There is a remote control for convenience and an 80-liter water tank capacity.
  • The sturdy castor wheels can easily bear the weight, making it easy to slide the Cooler around the house.

Key Takeaways

Portability is an add-on feature that has a positive impact on the utility as it gives freedom to the user to move the product around the house and enjoy a cool breeze whenever he wants to.

Unlike traditional air coolers that could not be pushed around, the new-age coolers are way ahead, and this is why most people are considering buying portable coolers with powerful fans and effective cooling for this unbearable heat during the summer season.