Are you looking for a different take on the regular birthday dinner? Perhaps you’re searching for a birthday theme that allows you to indulge in your two favourite things—tea and cake? If this is the case, we’ve got the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Have you considered an afternoon tea party, also commonly referred to as a high tea? Well, the tradition may be old, but Australians, like so many tea and cake lovers around the world, are indulging in these events. It involves inviting a few friends, arranging the cupcake delivery Melbourne locals love so much and of course, having a lot of fun!

What is a High Tea Party? 

Typically, the words high tea and afternoon tea can be used interchangeably. That means you will hear it referred to either of these names and it still refers to the same amount of fun and flavour. If you’re considering this type of theme for your next occasion, you’ll need to know exactly what it is and what it involves. 

Traditionally, high tea originated from the working class meal that was served at the end of a long day. Since the tea and accompanying snacks were served at a high dining table with matching high chairs, the meal became known as a high tea. In those days it was customary to serve a hot meal with tea. 

Over the years, high teas evolved and became party themes that are held in the midafternoon. Hot meals were replaced with delectable scones, a variety of tea sandwiches, and of course a selection of cakes, cupcakes, breads, desserts and other amazing, sweet treats. 

There’s usually a semi-casual dress code and ladies see it as the perfect opportunity to wear their floral dresses that may seem too outdated to wear anywhere else. These events can be held indoors or outdoors, but since décor involves a lot of flowers, it’s often a good idea to host them outside. 

Afternoon Teas are Still a Fun Party Theme

In short, high teas are the perfect opportunity to indulge in all your favourite sweet treats without feeling guilty. So, if this party theme appeals to you, then the hacks we’ve listed to help you set up your first afternoon tea party will come in super handy. 

  1. Create Invites

A high tea party requires invites. While we’ve moved on from formal, posted invites, the digital space has opened a whole new way of creating the perfect invite. Use curly, flowery fonts, with floral borders. Be specific about the dress code and time, especially if it’s in the afternoon.

  1. Plan Your Menu Well in Advance

You may think that a simple tea party doesn’t sound like a lot of work. But if you’re doing everything yourself, you’ll have to plan a menu that doesn’t have you stuck in the kitchen during your party. Make use of online bakery services to arrange an assortment of sweet treats such as theme-related cupcakes, quiches and tea sandwiches. It’s a good idea to create a wide variety of sweet and savoury treats that cater for all your guests.

  1. Get the Right Props

A tea party needs the right décor. Here you’ll need to borrow your mum or grandmum’s tea sets, cupcake stands, cake plates and any other fancy tea and cake-related items you can find. Don’t forget the floral tablecloths and vases for fresh flowers. Choose a central colour and then add flowers that complement it. Fresh and colourful flowers are a must at every tea party!

Use the layering effect to add depth and texture to your tables. This means elevating your cupcakes on stands or neatly wrapped boxes. Display tea sets on the tables. Opt for cake spoons, floral napkins, dainty place cards and cute party favours to add a unique touch.

  1. Don’t Forget the Tea

Aside from the whole floral theme, the tea is the most important part of your afternoon tea. To make your party unique and inclusive, consider adding a variety of regular teas as well as herbal teas. Find creative and quirky ways to display and label the various teas for guests to try.

Here you’ll want to remember to stock up on milk, sugar, honey, and even lemon wedges so that everyone can customize their tea to their liking. If some of your guests aren’t exactly tea people, you may want to add a few juices, cocktails and even champagne.

  1. Fun Party Favours

Another fun way to ensure that your party leaves a memorable impression on your guests is by preparing unique favours. Creating a little box that contains a cupcake or two and a few herbal tea bags is always a nice touch. Remember to add a few fresh flowers as part of your favour. 

Final Thoughts

With a little creativity, the right props and the perfect treats and cupcakes, your high tea party will be tons of fun. It’s the perfect way to have a unique party that’s not the usual drinks and dinner.

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